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Latest News From Portainer

  • We will be releasing 1.24 later this month. Once again we are working hard to correct a number of annoying issues as well as rounding out some new features. You can read details here. This will be the final release in the 1.xx series. In June we will be launching the first of the 2.0 versions
  • Based on member feedback, we have decided to change the way the "How To..." series of webinars is going to be presented. From this month, the how to content will be recorded and made available on the Portainer YouTube video channel. As a member you will get preferential access to this channel, at least a week ahead of any other Portainer user. We are making this move to allow a greater depth of content to be created as guides for our community. By recording the material we will also be able to distribute the webinar as a written guide and make available as a PDF. This is especially useful four our non english speaking members. Click here to view the Channel. Please like and subscribe as always...
  • Version 1.23.2 has now been released. This version corrects a number of long standing issues. However due to changes and issues in the underlying platform software, issues remain using Docker on Windows 10. Read Neil's blog describing the issues and our approach over on the main blog site here.

Thank you for your ongoing support.