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Latest News From Portainer

  • Within the next 90 days we will be releasing Portainer 2.0. This is simply massive for us and has taken a huge amount of focus and energy. Portainer 2.0 will include the Kubernetes functionality we have been developing, along with a series of enhancements and improvements to the Swarm platform. Version 2.0 is the big jump, so we expect to follow on quickly with a range of enhancements across both orchestrators, and for standalone. Keeping Portainer consistant across multiple use cases is quite challenging. Check out Neil's blogs on our approach over on the main blog site here.
  • Portainer 2.0 will be released in two versions - Community and Business. While the Community Edition will remain open source, the business version will be licensed differently, include some features more applicable to business use, and come with a support and success plan. Once again we have detailed our thinking both in the July Member's Update, and in the CEO blog series here.. Like I said, exciting times. We are all working hard to ensure that as we make these changes we continue to serve the needs of our community so that no one is left behind.
  • We will be releasing 1.24.1 next Friday (24th). This is primarily a security focussed release, giving tighter admin access over the more powerful features. There is more info in the July members email update. Full release notes will ba available with the product release. Dont forget that 1.24.x is the final version of the Version 1 codebase. 1.24 will remain under long term support for a further 12 months. We will be launching the first of the 2.0 versions in the next 90 days.
  • I have to admit that our 'How to' webinars/video series has been a bit neglected. Apologies for that. We will be working hard over the next few months to improve that program. The YouTube Channel is here. Please like and subscribe as always...

Thank you for your ongoing support.